July 11, 2012 - kittens are 13 days old. Rayne is watching over the kittens constantly. Kaja (the blue Somali and Rayne's daughter from last year) is learning all about kittens. She loves to be in the nest with Mom and the kits. She will make a wonderful mom one day.
Weekend of Sept 7/8, 2012 - kittens took their first vacation to White Rock, BC. We attended a cat show and the kittens lived in the hotel room for the weekend. They found ways to ammuse themselves with teir new surroundings.
Sept 14, 2012  Kittens are much like human children in that a toy can be hidden away for a couple of weeks and then when it is presented once again the toy is like brand new. We just have to keep rotating the toys to keep the little ones mused.